Moving Forward: Acupuncture Benefits for Pandemic Related Issues: Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, etc.

There is much talk of life returning to “normal,” which is great. People feeling comfortable doing more things and seeing more people are all great things. This is also an opportunity to not just get back to the things we enjoy but to move forward into a life we enjoy. A life with less suffering. How are you going to move forward?

Acupuncture benefits for anxiety and stress

Many people may be facing a situation that is holding them back from moving forward. They may be dealing with lasting COVID-19 symptoms or may be experiencing symptoms that may be related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Acupuncture can help address these varying issues that may be causing imbalance in your body. From my experience, most people are dealing with stress and anxiety from the pandemic. Even though things are changing, our bodies hold onto stress and anxiety and can have difficulty releasing it with just thoughts alone. We develop these patterns of thinking and can get trapped in only seeing things a certain way. Acupuncture treatments can be helpful in breaking that destructive cycle and freeing your body from the holds of stress and anxiety. Physical manifestations of stress and anxiety can be tension in the neck, tops of shoulders, sleep issues, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, racing heart, and more. We may mentally be saying, “I’m not stressed,” but our body is having one or more of these physical manifestations because it hasn’t received the message.

Homeostasis with Acupuncture

Homeostasis “refers to any process that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival” (1) This article from Scientific American goes on to say, “It is important to emphasize that homeostatic reactions are inevitable and automatic if the system is functioning properly, and that a steady state or homeostasis may be maintained by many systems operating together.”(1) The body is constantly seeking homeostasis and performing many different functions to maintain this steady state. An article in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies describes the function of acupuncture as follows, “Acupuncture does not directly eliminate pathogenic factors or pathological tissue; rather, acupuncture enhances the ability of the human body to self-medicate itself by activating complex regulatory systems and by maintaining physiological homeostasis to prevent or treat diseas